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Astrology - The Chart

Everyone’s read monthly horoscopes. But, not everyone knows how to read them.

You’ve probably heard about the position of the Sun and the planets, but how does this all look, and how do you make sense of any of it. It’s incredibly easy to lose yourself in the technique of Astrology, so I’ll try to keep it simple. Each article will focus on one part of the chart.

Astrologers use different charts following mathematical summations of the planets’ positions to report on what they ‘see’. …read more

Astrology - House 1

House 1 is the house that represents the Self, the ego, the persona — It is the house of your deepest personal desires, the experiences and influences that make you who you are, your childhood and earliest impressions.

In monthly horoscopes, astrologers will place the sign they are writing about in the 1st house position. For the sake of explaining the house positions I will use the Aries horoscope. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is ruled by the planet Mars and governs House 1. When the Sun is in this area, you’ll be focusing on yourself and these kinds of influences will be more apparent.
…read more

Embracing Neptune

Neptune is that one, itsy, bitsy, planet in the zodiac that makes me nervous. It's like that one member in your family who makes you uncomfortable just thinking about her (or him) and you know that she's coming over for a visit.

She's going to be at that next family gathering and you're going to have to interact with her. You don't know what or how you're going to avoid saying anything just so you don't have to have a conversation with her. (I don't really have anyone like that in my family, but I can imagine that if I did, that's exactly how it would feel.)
…read more
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